We have an ultra-sophisticated heat treatment shop to support the smooth function of the processes such as controlled atmosphere normalizing, carbonitriding, SQF, Nitriding, Induction Hardening, and case carburizing.


This well-integrated heat treatment shop consists of the latest PLC-controlled sealed quench furnaces procured from the world’s leading manufacturers like Ipsen (Germany), and Holcraft (USA).

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Apart from this, the heat treatment shop also has tempering furnaces, reheating furnaces, Endo gas generators, LPG installation and pre and post-heat treatment washing machines. The procedures like data acquisition & online monitoring of process parameters within the furnaces are performed by using advanced SCADA system techniques.


Besides this, for induction hardening of gears & shafts, we use PLC-controlled, IGBT-based medium-frequency & high-frequency induction hardening & tempering machines.