Soft Machining

Over the years, we have evolved as a frontrunner in adopting the latest technologies to conduct operations such as Broaching, Gear Hobbing, Gear Shaping, Milling, Drilling, Gear Tooth Chamfering, Double Chamfering, and Shaving.

Some special processes that strengthen our soft machining capabilities are:

Laser cutting

We have an ultra-sophisticated laser cutting facility for fast, efficient, clean, and more precise cuts.

Since the cutting heads are CNC controlled, laser cutting leads to lesser production times, lower costs, and produces consistent parts every time with greater accuracy and flawlessness.We can cut upto 4mm with close tolerance.


Power Skiving

For power skiving, we have both Wet and Dry Cutting Machines (Gleason and Profilator Make) to make crucial topological gear modifications.

We also have 3-Cutter Spindle to cut different modules in the same component.

The Power Skiving shop also features Auto Loaders and online SPC through QDAS to achieve DIN 7 Quality standards.

Electro Chemical Deburring

We make use of Electro Chemical Deburring - a revolutionary method that finishes the workpiece surfaces through anodic metal dissolution instead of cutting metal via hardened tooling. Through this process, we achieve the highest design accuracy, enhanced component longevity, process efficiency, better deburring precision, increased productivity, quality, and repeatability.


Hard Machining

Apart from ultramodern facilities for Straightening, Internal Grinding, CBN Shaft Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding,Bore Honing, and Hard Turning.

we have an advanced setup to carry out the following special processes:

Gear Teeth Honing

We have 4 Power Teeth Honing Machines (Fassler, now Gleason Make) to perform green or hard finishing in mass production of spur and helical gears, shaft-type pinions, cluster gears, and internal gears.

These machines enable us to obtain gear accuracy as per gear quality class DIN5/DIN6, conventional double–flank honing, synchronous single or double flank honing, as well as internal and combi honing, and longitudinal crowning and tapering of the tooth flanks.

Gear Tooth Grinding

We have 3 Twin Spindle High-speed Gear Grinding Machines - 2 (Kapp Niles Make), and 1 (Klingelnberg Make).


These machines enable us to produce DIN 5 grade accuracy and feature onboard Renishaw probe for measuring quality, topological dressing for complex profiles, and an additional feature of super finishing after Teeth Grinding.

Laser Welding

We have an advanced set-up across plants for laser welding - a key technology for producing weight-optimized automotive components.

Through laser welding, we not only ensure maximum quality of the components but also this technology hugely contributes to the reduction in the weight of the parts, thusly, results in a reduction in fuel consumption.


TIG Welding

We have a state-of-the-art shop floor for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. Herein, we produce high-quality welds with no use of any filler material. TIG welding lets us create a cosmetic appeal that all the major auto components call for.

TIG welding offers more precise heat input control that results in lesser warping, as well as distortion of the metal. What’s more, TIG welding also requires lesser cleanup since no slag removal from the weld area is required.

Friction Welding

With our expertise in friction welding, we provide you with a reliable and advanced welding solution for a wide range of applications.

Our friction welding process involves the controlled rotation and pressure of materials, generating the heat required for welding. This results in a high-quality, durable connection without the need for additional consumables like filler materials or shielding gases.