Research & Development

We have a highly sophisticated R&D center manned by a multidisciplinary team comprising material science specialists, mechanical engineers, and product designers.


The team acts as the developer partner of diverse clients to provide them with solutions as per their exacting needs.

Making use of new-age design technology and value engineering, our R&D team makes a comprehensive analysis of the drawings and applications of the product, and suggests the appropriate solutions accordingly. The R&D personnel also make efforts to save costs and accelerate the process of manufacturing.

Our approaches in the R&D lab enable us to come up with high-performance, lightweight, low-friction, compact, and up-to-the-minute automotive components with a drastic reduction in manufacturing lead times.

State-of-the-art techniques like POKA YOKE & other allied mistake-proofing methodologies further solidify our prototyping capabilities.


In the design department, we make use of our proven product development expertise, extensive product understanding, the latest technology, and world-class CAD/CAM infrastructure to create innovation-inspired designs. Our design team makes sure that all the designs have a flawless integration with 3D model stimulation for better performance abilities, optimization, size, and weight. We incorporate the use of software such as Solidwork, Solidcam, AutoCAD and many more.


Robotics and Automation

Factory of the Future

Moving up the value chain, we have geared up ourselves for robotics and automation-driven manufacturing. Automation with a flexible robotics framework not only increases productivity but also brings a significant reduction in unit cost.

Apart from this, the operating personnel also get relieved from monotonic and extremely strenuous physical errands with a capacity to take on value-added tasks more effectively and efficiently.